What You Need to Know About Google Rankings

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It’s hard to believe that Google has been around for so long now — at least in terms of internet history — that the internet behemoth created its first Google doodle way back in 1998. Actually, at that time the company was just starting up, and its co-founders had enough time on their hands that they sent it from the twisted, whacked out, hedonistic Burning Man “arts” festival.

As confident in themselves and their fledgling visions that Larry and Sergey surely were, it is unlikely that either of Google’s co-founders ever imagined the scale to which their creation would grow. Fast forward a little more than a decade-and-a-half, and their “little” company basically controls 80% and 70% of the North American and global search markets, respectively.

Google has become so influential that every SEO marketing firm uses Google rankings to measure the effectiveness of their clients internet marketing campaigns; and doing so is not really complicated, either. Basically, the more “hits” a website gets, the higher it will rank on Google’s search engine rankings. Thus, the website that gets the most hits for a specific search term or phrase will appear first whenever a web users searches using those terms or phrases.

While getting a lot of hits is great for business, getting few hits is anything but good news. In fact, if a business’s website does not appear on the first page of search results, that business could miss out on as much as 75% of all online marketing opportunities. By partnering with a leading SEO firm, businesses can rest assured that they will put themselves in the best positions possible to achieve their online marketing goals.

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