Search Engine Optimization Blogs Among the Many Online Marketing Tools that Can Help Businesses See More Overall Success

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Online marketing has become the undisputed leading method of getting the word out about a business. Non online forms of marketing still exist and are still very prominent today, but they are showing to not produce the same type of affect and results that online Internet marketing can. Search engines such as Google are among the key reasons for the boom of online marketing over the years. Each month, over 100 billion searches are conducted. Daily Internet users have shown many major trends for the way that they go about using search engines. High search engine rankings are actually considered to be nearly crucial to businesses now because of one of the most common trends among search engine users, which is only clicking the organic results that appear within the first two pages. To help climb the Google rankings or the rankings of any other search engine site, many businesses are hiring the services of search engine optimization companies.

To break it down statistically, in 2012, over 88 percent of Internet users ages 14 and older browsed products online, with 40 percent of them following the product provider on a social media site to request further information before buying. Statistics also show search engines to be the dominant force that leads to sales for businesses, as 58 percent of consumers say that they go straight to a search engine to research a product or service. Comparatively, only 24 percent go to a company website for this purpose and only 18 percent use social media sites to inquire. Of smartphone and tablet users, 65 percent say that they rely on their device to find local businesses and make purchases.

In the days when Google was still a research project, the founders used LEGO bricks to build a storage compartment for the 10 4GB hard drives that were used to test the PageRank algorithm. Since then, page rankings on Google have become prestigious to businesses, which is why SEO blogs and other SEO marketing services have become sought services. SEO blogs can host custom created content for a business that may help them see better results rankings. If a business has content on various SEO blogs, they will inevitably be more abundant online and therefore more easily found by Internet users that are conducting searches that are relevant to their goods or services.


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