Essential Facts About Online Marketing

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Do you know that Google rents goats from a grazing company to mow the lawns at the Google headquarters? If you find this amusing, check this one out. Although Google’s made a nearly $13 billion profit in 2013, its founders used to store the plans of the PageRank algorithm inside a LEGO construction mystery joker.

Although neither of these facts is really that important to business, they actually speak volumes about Google’s co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It shows they they do not think like most business executives, and it is their unique and innovative thinking that has made Google one of the most powerful and influential companies in the world. In fact, Google has become so powerful that it controls roughly 70% of the international search engine marketing.

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Communicating with Consumers, the Relevance of Seo

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Search engine optimization

Google’s inaugural tweet, back on Feb. 26 2009, to kick off what would become one of the most symbiotic relationships of the 21st century was binary code for, “I’m feeling lucky.” Just as quickly enterprising marketers were finding ways to take advantage of the traffic generated by Google’s search engine, and from this effort sprang SEO.

Some 88% of consumers age fourteen and older either browsed for or researched products using an internet search engine. Now realizing what a large subsection of internet searchers, search with Google has even more real implications. In 2012 approximately two-thirds of all searches began at

In short, Google was and remains to be head, shoulders and knees above the competition.

Now, with the market established how can a company tap into it?

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Top Five Reasons You SHould Be Looking Into the Benefits of SEO

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Are you looking into online marketing to help your company? Are you thinking about hiring an SEO company to help you raise you search engine rankings? Here are some of the most important facts that you need to know about online marketing before you decide to hire someone.

1. Between 70 and 80 percent of Internet search engine users pay no attention to sponsored results. They instead choose organic results because the often feel as though they are not being sold to that way.

2. Did you know that there are over 100 billion global searches conducted online each month? Seo marketing is one of the best ways to make sure that your website is keeping ahead of as many of these searches as possible.

3. As many as 5

Making SEO Marketing Work for You

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Seo marketing

Google has all but taken over the world. It is commonplace these days to Google anything we do not know about, as well as find new goods and services to meet our needs. It is no wonder that over one hundred billion searches are conducted across the planet every month. The site is so popular that even changes to the logo on the main page, known as doodles, receive so much attention. The first doodle was posted back in 1998. It featured a depiction of the Burning Man, the namesake of the popular desert festival in Nevada. This was the way the founders of Google told their employees very bad credit loans no no broker were they were headed to for a few days.


Why Search Engines Are Crucial For Modern Marketing

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Search engine rankings

More than 100 billion searches are conducted around the globe each month. 58 percent of consumers that decide to start researching a service or product initiate this process using a search engine. If you are trying to find Internet marketing that will increase your Google rankings or your presence on other search engines, it is vital that you look for help from a high quality marketing business. Online marketing companies are readily available to assist clients in making sure that they have the search engine optimization necessary to increase their ranking on search engines.

Over 55 percent of marketers that work B2B report that SEO has the biggest influence on lead generation. While Seo is important for achieving greater visibility on search engines, you also must have marketing that is sensitive to mobile technology. 65 percent of mobile web users rely on a smartphone or tablet to look for a local business that they can make a purchase from. As of 2012, there are over 70 million people shopping using a device like a cellphone or tablet computer. Search engines are often accessed using these devices by people that are looking to make sure that they can find companies that they want to deal with.

To find the best provider of search marketing services, it is a good idea to compare several companies that you feel can help with these needs. Talk to others that you know have experience with marketing on search engines and see where they have gone for assistance with this field. The best providers of online services will have a great reputation, because they will have helped many other past clients with the marketing needs that they have. If you want to be sure that your business is getting as much traffic as possible, improving presence on search engines is a great way to start. Look for a business that you feel confident can help you maximize your visibility on search engines so that you will not have to stress about whether or not your marketing is working for your company needs. Instead, you can have full confidence that you have a type of marketing in place on your web site that is bringing in the sort of clients that you need, whether they are shopping at home on a desktop or while they are out shopping inside of a mall or other retail store.

Using Internet Marketing To Boost Business

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Internet marketing

There are over 100 billion searches conducted online every month, and Google makes up between 65 and 60 percent of that search volume. With so many searches performed globally every month it is easy to see why so much time and energy is spent on internet marketing. Many companies are actively involved in offline marketing ventures, the leap into online marketing is not that large.

Inbound leads like those generated through SEO cost, on average, 61 percent less than outbound leads. Companies also benefit from blogging. Companies with blogs have over 400 percent more pages indexed by search engines. Companies that engage in internet marketing tactics like SEO can increase their search engine rankings and increase the number of views on their pages. SEO that raises a businesses organic search rankings can see great returns. Organic click through generates 25 percent higher conversion rates than the click through on pay per click.

High search rankings are one important aspect of internet marketing. Search ranks are calculated using a search engines proprietary algorithm. This calculation looks at many factors and decides which site offers the most relevant content to the words or phrases in the search. Aggressive internet marketing may be necessary for companies who have a lot of competition in popular keywords. Additional marketing efforts may be necessary for companies releasing a new product or trying to break into a new market.

There are many methods for companies to employ to increase search engine rankings. There is, of course, the aforementioned blogs there are also articles, white papers, videos and interactive content that can help companies climb search engine rankings. As previously mentioned, more eyes on your site can mean higher sales and more profitable business.

Internet marketing helps spread news of your business to the digital market place. If you are not currently engaged in internet marketing efforts, you can see a great surge in business by going digital. Take the tools and do the yourself or contract with marketing professionals and kick start your digital marketing efforts.