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Did you know that the two founders of Google created the first Google “doodle” back in 1998 as a kind of “out of office” message for users? It is true. The doodle was a depiction of the famous Nevada festival, Burning Man, where they were headed. Also, when Google was still just a research project, its founder used LEGO bricks to make storage for the 10 four gigabyte hard drives that they used to test the PageRank algorithm.

Those early days of Google are truly fascinating. Their creative problem solving solutions helped to improve their search engine over and over, until it became the biggest and most used in all of cyber space.

Now, users conduct over over 100 billion global searches online across the different search engines. The Internet has quickly become the biggest marketplace in the world. This is why the search engine ranking of a website matters to their business.

If you want your business to do well on the Internet front, it needs a strong search engine ranking, which means it needs to be on the front page, since more than half of users never even make it past the first page of results.

If you want to earn a spot in the digital spotlight, then performing some search engine optimization on your website might be vital. These methods can range in difficulty. For example, streamlining your website for a search engine might require that you create a mobile platform, and or posting new blogs every day.

The latter has had a lot of proven success with Seo marketing companies. In fact, companies that blog have 434 percent more indexed pages, which makes them more appealing to the algorithm of a search engine that in turn raises the search engine ranking.

Of course, you could always pay your way there, but most organic click throughs (ranking first without paid help from the search engine), generate a 25 percent higher conversion rate than the equivalent pay per click through method.

So if you are interested in boosting your search engine ranking, contact an SEO expert today. How important is your search engine ranking to you? Do believe that your search engine ranking is worth stressing over? Why or why not? Please share in the comments.


  1. How expensive is it to hire an SEO marketing company? Do they have different rates and different sized packages for different size companies.

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