Communicating with Consumers, the Relevance of Seo

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Google’s inaugural tweet, back on Feb. 26 2009, to kick off what would become one of the most symbiotic relationships of the 21st century was binary code for, “I’m feeling lucky.” Just as quickly enterprising marketers were finding ways to take advantage of the traffic generated by Google’s search engine, and from this effort sprang SEO.

Some 88% of consumers age fourteen and older either browsed for or researched products using an internet search engine. Now realizing what a large subsection of internet searchers, search with Google has even more real implications. In 2012 approximately two-thirds of all searches began at

In short, Google was and remains to be head, shoulders and knees above the competition.

Now, with the market established how can a company tap into it?

That answer is simpl

Seeking Sales on the Internet

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Each month, more than 100 billion searches on the internet are conducted worldwide. That is a lot of internet traffic. Businesses attempting to do online marketing are realizing the need to use the popularity of the search engine for business. The way to do that is to come up high in google rankings.

Almost half of people who use mobile devices claim that they use their devices to seek out promotions and look up reviews. Meanwhile, 65 percent say that they rely on their device to locate a nearby business so that they can go and make a purchase.

People use the internet to find goods, and businesses must be adept at internet marketing to be successful. Creating SEO (search engine optimization) content is quickly becoming the standard for marketing online. SEO content is created to make the websites or blogs that it is on show up on search engines.

Getting as highly ranked as possible on a search engine is imperative because 42 percent of people searching on the internet select the top ranked result that is not an advertisement. While SEO content is a manner of marketing, it is not an advertisement, and that is what makes it effective.

Businesses look to make SEO material quality so that their website will both come up on internet searches and attract potential customers with its content and design. Most businesses need to be effective on the internet if they are going to succeed, and SEO marketing is a way for them to compete on the internet with all of the other businesses on the web.

5 Things to Know About How to Use SEO

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Research indicates that three quarters of internet search engine users never scroll past the first page of results from a search. In US internet users ages 14 and up, 88 percent browse or research products online in 2012. Close to 40 percent of those will follow up on social media to request and gather more information before making a purchase. SEO marketing techniques have driven in a close rate of 14.6 percent whereas outbound leads average a 1.7 percent close rate. By 2014, mobile internet usage on smartphones and tablets will overtake desktop computer Internet use. 48 percent of mobile device users report that they look up product reviews and seek out promotions, using their device. This new flux of heavy consumer traffic across the internet has helped create an evolving marketplace that allows users to make decisions based on their wants and needs.

The new way businesses and marketers are taking advantage of this growing population and their new methods of completing transactions is thanks in large part due to Search Engine Optimization and SEO blogs. Because of the importance Google has put on wholesome, quality, and honest advertising throughout their internet search results, SEO blogs and SEO methods are becoming more and more affective because of the importance the consumers are putting on naturally occurring results. With the growing number of people who continue to disregard sponsored links, natural results are getting higher and higher praise from business marketers who have seen more than half of their new business leads come through organic, natural results like SEO blogs. The truth of the matter is that, thanks to SEO techniques that are used in creating SEO blogs, the content of the marketing material is much more informative and engaging.

For business owners looking to utilize this growing concept of SEO marketing that uses Seo blogs, news articles, and social media content to drive in new business, it might be a good time to start having that discussion with the marketing team or with the SEO marketing company. It is important for business owners to understand what type of marketing they are signing up for in order to give them the best return on their investment. Today, SEO blogs and SEO methods focus on being informative, creative, and engaging enough in the material that it makes the reader want to know more.

Keeping up with SEO news

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These days, if you want to have a modern, effective online marketing program, it is important that you stay abreast of all the latest SEO news. For instance, did you know that 88 percent of United States internet users aged 14 and over browsed or researched products online in 2012? ABout 40 percent of those followed up on social media, requesting additional information before making their purchase. As of 2012, over 70,000,000 users shop online using a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet device. It is projected that, by 2014, mobile internet usage on smart phones and tablets will overtake internet usage on desktop computers.

Hiring a search engine optimization firm that is up to speed on all the latest SEO news to use Seo marketing and SEO tools that can help improve your search engine rankings with popular engines like Google is a great way to bolster your internet marketing and improve your placement within results that potential customers get from search engines when they want to shop for products and services like the ones that you offer. Anyone who is familiar with SEO news will tell you that it is important to get great placement in search engine result lists. After all, it has been said that over 40 percent of internet search users click on the top ranking organic result after conducting an online search.

Here is some good SEO news; inbound leads like those that you get from search engine optimization cost over 60 percent lower than cold calling and other outbound leads. Reach out to a search engine optimization company with a great track record, and let them show you how they can use all the tips, tricks, tools, and techniques reported about by the latest SEO news sources to bring in more customers, and help you beat out your online competitors.